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Tibor's Gläser Fairing

In the late 80's, another person and myself went in on the purchase of an R69S. The motorcycle was owned by a USPS postal carrier in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area. The 'S' had period accessories such as the Gläser fairing shown in the pics below, complete Craven pannier set, tank bag and VDO tachometer. The other person was selling the bike to someone in Wyoming, without the period accessories. In the splitting of the accessories, some of them going my way were the Gläser fairing and Craven pannier set. The Gläser was stored at my cousin's paint and body shop tethered to the ceiling until '89. It was then mounted on the R60US in the pic below. In '91 on my journey home from downtown Cleveland OH, while sitting on the NOMBL #75, Tibor gets on the bus at one of the #75 route bus stops. I asked him about the Gläser and if he knew it's history. Sure enough, it was the exact fairing mounted on his '68 NY->LA run R69S. Several months later, when out on ride, I met up with him in Fairview Park, OH. He wanted to buy the Gläser. It was NFS (Not For Sale). Yes, I still have the fairing.

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