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1955-69 BMW Twins

Pentacomm II Ignition Points Plate

BMW Twins R51/3-R68, R50-R69US*

In stock

  • Replaces the stock BMW points plate.

  • CNC machined aluminum plate.

  • Quality Delco ignition points

  • Quality Blue Streak condenser

  • Stainless steel hardware (All metric)

  • Repositioned ground posts to accommodate (if used) the Emerald reproduction coils

  • Screw holding feature for the ground wire used on the Emerald reproduction coils

  • Can be used in conjunction with either the stock 6V generator charging system or the aftermarket Emerald 12V alternator system.

  • Must be used with coils that retain the factory coil ign wire posts to points plate posts gap

*Can not be used on the R68 & R69 models without the deletion of the advance cable feature components. Email for details.

The cost is $150 USD, plus shipping.

For additional details contact

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