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Gläser - Nürburg

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Gläser - Nürburg

From a 2013 on-line advert:

"The odometer reads 67210 km/approx. 41762 mile and like should both the frame- and enginenumbers are matching, it has been manufactured in August 1974, but was first road-registered in January 1975.


On the bike are still all the German police-spec components fitted, like the very special "Gläser" ( police fairing, "Bosch" radio-unit, blue-colored alternating "Bosch" flash-lights, dual tone alternating "Hella" police-horns and a pair of original leather BMW police side cases. 

Furthermore, in order to protect the public, it also has the original police half-closed model BMW front fender fitted and special heat-shields on the header-pipes.


Basically this bike is a standard R60/6, so normal frame, forks, engine, gearbox etc., but received, apart from all the police-equipment, several refinements like Koni heavy-duty rear shocks, forged cooling on the front-brake (by an air-scoop, never seen this before!), calibrated speedo and a different (slightly shorter) ratio on the rear-drive.

In one of the side-cases I've found an original police-officers belt cpl. with gun-holster, which item I've of course have put back where it was..


Because of legal reasons the connector of the main radio-unit is taken off and the connecting-cable between the radio-unit and remote-control on the fuel-tank has been removed, where for this same reason the optical and acoustical police-signals have been disabled (by a removed twist-in type fuse* which is positioned in the lh inner fairing panel). 

Both the alternating (Very loud!) horns and -blue flash-lights work fine when the fuse* is back in again (*comes with the bike). 

The original BMW radio-box on the rear is fitted with only four bolts and can be taken off (and back on) in just little time (see photo).

It is in the green/white color pattern for reason that the German government ordered all German police-vehicles to be in this very recognizable color-pattern from the first of January 1975 on.


-On this listing I'm offering a special custom-made (fully sealed) m'cycle crate, careful packing and shipping from here in Belgium to a State warehouse of the shipping-company close to you at my expense. 

Also, when you provide me your zip-code, I can ask for a price to have it delivered to your door (which extra charge, depending on distance can be nil to be very modest).

Please note; In case the bike needs to be shipped to another destination, please ask whether I can offer you such a deal as well before placing a bid. 

Furthermore, when you want to receive some better photo's of the bike/shipping, or want to recieve more information about this item, just let me know.


When you think that you recognize this machine, I've sold an exact similar bike on eBay about six weeks ago and since then I've succeeded to persuade the collector where it came from to also sell me his remaining police R60/6 (which is this one) along with his very nice ex Amsterdam-police black 1973 R60/5."

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