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1955-69 BMW Twins Piranha II Sport Fairing

In Stock

The FTP Piranha II Sport Fairing kit is a high quality faithful reproduction of the original USA manufactured Piranha design. The fairing body mold was designed using original fairing parts. The dashpad mold was also designed using an original fairing part. The screens are sourced from a long time screen supplier that has been in business over 50 years. The hardware is all corrosion resistant stainless steel or polymer.

 What is included in the kit:

  • Fairing body developed using the West Epoxy Resin material. The body is shipped unfinished and requires the end user to paint it as required. It is pre-drilled for the dashpad and screen.

  • The dashpad is thermoformed ABS. It is pre-drilled for the fairing body and screen.

  • The screen is formed using high quality acrylic. It is available in clear and light smoke gray. It is pre-drilled for the fairing body and dashpad.

  • All hardware to mount the fairing system to the motorcycle.

  • Installation instructions.


Notes on the system:

  • It is designed to fit BMW 1955-69 Twins motorcycles with Earles Forks. It can be installed on other machines with modified installation hardware. Contact me for additional model installation information.

  • The kit mounts to four points on the motorcycle. They are:

    • Left side M8 headlight bolt.

    • Right side M8 headlight bolt.

    • Left M10 top fork clamp bolt.

    • Right M10 top fork clamp bolt.

  • The fairing kit is designed to be used with Europa (low) handlebars.

  • The motorcycle is not included with the purchase of the fairing kit!!


​The kit cost is $650 USD plus shipping. For additional details contact:

An Original Piranha on the Phoenix!

An Original Piranha on an R69US. The pic is from the early 80's.

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