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1955-69 BMW Twins Lightened Flywheels

In stock

  • Modified 1955-69 flywheels.

  • Currently in stock are the early heavier version flywheel CNC machined and balanced.

  • These are used flywheels processed as follows:

  • Degreased and inspected (threads, ID taper, seal surface, etc...)

  • CNC machined on a Fanuc ROBODRILL

  • Balanced to less than one gram on a Hines #500 balancer

  • The weight is reduced from ~5850 grams to ~2900 grams. In pounds, that is a reduction in weight of approximately 6.50 lbs.

  • These reduced flywheels offer the sport rider more efficient quick gearbox shifting.

  • These are an ideal addition to any engine build for the R69, R50S, R69S & R69US models.


The cost is $350 USD, plus shipping, w/out a useable flywheel core.

The cost is $325 USD, plus shipping, with a useable flywheel core received for future modification.

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