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Cylinder Heads (1969 and earlier)

Current Inventory: Out of Stock

Additional pairs of reconditioned heads will be listed when available. Email if you are intersted in a specific year/model pair of reconditioned heads

HOW TO BUY: Contact me via email. Email response turnaround time is generally within one day.

PAYMENT: PayPal only. Other payment types for Stateside only buyers can be arranged if necessary. Buyers will be sent a payment request via PayPal.




$1400USD plus shipping


BMW Twins 55-69 reconditioned cylinder heads, R50,R60,R50/2,R60/2,R50US,R60US.

  • New Swiss IV valves

  • New spring lower cups

  • New spring upper caps

  • New inner springs

  • New outer springs

  • New valve guides

  • New valve guide clips

  • New valve/locks/keepers

  • New valve seats

  • Fins in very good to excellent condition

  • Exhaust threads are new

  • Combustion chambers in very good to excellent condition

  • Gasket surfaces in very good to excellent condition

  • Spark plug factory thread inserts (1/2" reach) in very good to excellent condition

  • Carb M8 studs (NOS CAD plated) in excellent condition

  • VC M8 studs (New SS) in excellent condition

  • Ultrasonic cleaner processed

  • Machining done on a Rottler S&G machine


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